2006 Ford Focus Electrical Problem

Ford Focus Station Wagon 2006 - Seems to have electrical problem. Warning lights for check engine and ABS come on randomly. Also when car is parked and temperature is low, Clock time is lost and radio stations are lost. Is there some type of grounding issue?

So, 5, almost 6 years old. Original battery? Have the battery and alternator tested. Just sounds like you’re running low.

Does it still start right up? Turns over strong, like it used to?

Check the battery cables - both ends - for cleanliness and good contact. Also find the main cable that goes to your fuseblock, and make sure that’s nice and clean - and tight.

The alternator and battery were replace two and a half years ago. I had the battery jumped about a month ago when I came out and it was dead. AAA tech got it started and said the battery was still good, but was unable to test it. The cables are clean and tight, but it sounds like I need to have someone check it out.


Most of the bigobox auto parts places (AutoZone, O’Reilly’s, Advanced, etc) will test them for free. You just have to ask. Just because they were replaced, doesn’t mean they’re still good.

I’m not a Ford guy, but see what happens when you wiggle the heavy duty wire heading into the fuseblock. That will distribute the power to your various systems, and if it has a bad connection, you should see things reset, or at least the lights onthe dash flicker. Probably take 2 people to do, though.

What you describe is a resetting of your electrical devices… You are having a battery/charging issue… How do your batt connections look? Are you SURE they are clean, conditioned and tight? Hows your ground looking? Your entire system depends on clean tight connections…

If the connections are good you may have a charge system fault… Def need to have a looksie…

The OTHER thing it could be is a faulty ignition switch? Hmmm

Since you stated that the memories are getting reset it means there is a power connection problem to the main panel under the hood. Power is supplied to some things at all times, even while the ignition is OFF. The trouble could be a loose connection between the positive battery post and the distribution panel under the hood like Chaissos stated. There may also be bad chassis ground connection causing the trouble. The most likely suspect area is the battery connections so clean and inspect them carefully, even if they look ok.