2006 Ford F450 - It wasn't the battery or alternator

2006 F450 when you turn key you here a click at the relay no crank no start. put new alternator new battery new starter new ignition cylinder and no fix please help

Have you checked the condition of the battery cables? Are the connections clean and secure?

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You just spent money to throw parts at this truck attempting to fix it. You could throw one more part at the problem, like maybe a changing the start relay.

You are always money ahead to find the actual problem first before changing a bunch of parts. Maybe it is time to call in a professional to diagnose the actual problem.

I can’t speak with certainty on your particular vehicle but I know that many Fords use a starter solenoid interrupter relay as part of an anti-theft system. Behind the glove box with a pile of other stuff maybe. You need the factory schematic to find this more than likely.

Did you try replacing the relay?

Just because the relay clicks doesn’t mean the contacts are good.


Clean the battery connections even if they look okay. If the trouble continues then find out what relay is clicking. It may or may not have anything to do with the starting. Worn out starter solenoid contacts can cause this kind of thing to happen, especially for cars over ten years old.

The starter is one of the components that op has already replaced

Right you are @db4690. I read that and quickly forgot it. The trouble is most likely within the safety switching for the starter circuit.

Just a day or so ago, in a different discussion, I missed a big one

I advised op to check out the tires before making a big trip . . . but in the opening paragraph, he said he was planning on replacing the tires before making that trip