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2006 Ford Expedition

Help ! Located Smyrna GA outside of Atlanta.

My Ford Expedition 2006 has about 107k miles on it and at higher speeds 65+ mph it intermittently (almost feels like it might cut off) hesitates before the engine kicks back in. I took it to a local Ford Dealer thinking they would be the best to fix it (they changed the gas filter, checked the fuel injection) but the problem persists. When I called the Ford repairman back he suggested I might sell go to AutoNation for a trade in (which I am not ready to do).

Couple of possibilities I have thought might be the problem before I go back to another Ford repair shop.

1) sparkplug wires going bad?

2) Distributor cap needs replacement?

3) leak in a vacuum hose?

Finally…any recomendations for a good Ford Service shop in the Atlanta area?


This could be either an inability to maintain fuel supply (fuel pump or fuel pressure regulator) or ignition based. According to my information this doesn’t have a distributor or traditional ignition wires, it’s a “coil on plug” setup.

It doesn’t sound at all like a typical vacuum leak problem.

Start by getting the codes downloaded at the local parts store and post them here.

I just read another post on multiple coil-on-plug failures on a Ford engine. UncleTurbo posted that he too had experienced multiple COP failures. This may be a clue to your problems.