2006 Ford Crown Victoria PCM

Symptoms/conditions on my 2006 Crown Victoria (former police car). Mileage: 117k. When I bought it, it said in crayon on windshield “Bad PCM”. Written in marker on top of PCM which I just replaced with used PCM was: “122-617 throttle codes”. Symptoms are same having replaced the PCM: rough power steering at standstill and first few feet of rolling; instrument cluster goes flat; odometer numbers disappear and are replaced with all hyphens; while not on, mileage isn’t logged when odometer comes back on (i.e. I can drive 10 miles with odometer disappeared, and when it comes back on, odometer is at the same mileage as when its display disappeared). Even when instrument cluster works, check engine light is always on, and only went off once briefly when driving car up hills with load. When I connect my OBDII scanner, there is no light on whatsoever. However, the scanner works just fine and lights up right away when I connect it to my other Crown Vic, which is an '05. Back to the '06 description: On smog check, the '06 passed all points except these two: “PBDII; AND OBD Bulb Check”. I checked all fuses related to the PCM after installing the replacement PCM. There are two diodes. I replaced the smaller one, and all problems persist. I have not tested or replaced the larger diode.