2006 Dodge Van - Home brew antifreeze solutions

I was thinking, vodka, bourbon, or tequila, lower freezing point than Morgan David, save that for adults only popsicles.

The boiling point of pure ethanol is 173°. This would not work well with the OP’S engine that has a 195° thermostat.


How does that boiling point change if the ethanol is held in a closed vessel at 15 PSI?

Back in the 1930s there were ads in Popular Science touting the virtues of the old standby, alcohol. And other ads for year-round antifreeze that won’t boil away. I think it was common to use plain water if freezing was not a concern.

Were cooling systems pressurized back then? I suppose some carmakers adopted that sooner than others.

you may be able to get a local napa or parts store to deliver the proper coolant to you, if there is no other option.
but like others have said/asked: why do you need to add coolant? do you have a leak? how bad a leak?