2006 Dodge Stratus front end growling sound

I have a 2006 Dodge Stratus SXT. Last month I had a lower ball joint, a constant velocity axle, ans a sway bar replaced on the front driver side as that broke on my parents’ street. I had it fixed with a refill of transmission fluid and got a front end alignment as well. But now that area makes a growling sound of some sort when I drive. I am thinking it might be a wheel bearing since the transmission seems to work fine as there are no delays when I shift to reverse/park/drive, etc. Any other ideas on what this might be? It has nearly 162,000 miles, and I feel it can go 30-40k more miles as I currently cannot afford another car and make payments comfortably.

That is the classic symptom of a failing wheel bearing. If the mechanic finds that to b the case, either replace both sides at the same time if you can afford it or expect the other side to fail reasonably soon.