2006 Dodge problems

I have a 2006 Dodge Stratus SXT. It is a 2.4 liter. Since February we have replaced the oil pump, filter, timing belt, head gasket, valve cover gasket, and other various things. It is still spewing oil out all over the top where the timing belt is when we try to drive it. The car only has 40k miles on it, and when I bought it at 14k it has been babied since then. we are out of ideas, and I can’t afford to take it to the dealer to fix, the warranty was up at 36k miles. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

What led to all of these repairs? oil leaks,driveability concerns,warning lights? I am just wondering what started this mess.It seems the actual concern has not yet been identified. You may have recourse with Dodge as repairs made under warranty did not fix your problem. Hope you kept your records as if you pursue this avenue you will be sent up the ladder of decision making. (Dealer should have their own records but i like to start out with my ducks in a row)

I agree this is still a warranty problem. You should not make your own snap decision about warranty expiration based merely on 40k miles. Explain your view to the service manager – this car was not properly repaired under warranty, so by law the warranty still applies to this particular problem. If the service manager balks, take it upstairs to regional headquarters. No matter what the Dodge people say to you, the warranty should still apply.