2006 Dodge Charger engine knocking

Does anyone have problems with the engine knocking. 5.7 hemi

Hi @roland52 is there anything else you can tell us about your symptoms, and the history of the problem and your vehicle? It will help anybody who might try to assist.

How good have you been about the maintenance?

Keeping engine oil at the correct level?

Correct viscosity?

Changing oil at the correct intervals?

Low pitched noise, from the bottom end?

If you have an automatic, make absolutely certain the noise is not a cracked flexplate. Don’t laugh . . . MANY guys have been convinced that their engine is toast, only to discover it’s only the flexplate, which is labor intensive to replace, but at least the engine is fine.

I guess Roland52 is only asking if any one else has or has had this problem, not about causes or remedies.

Just curious db4690, how would a person figure out if the flex plate is cracked or not? Remove the starter motor and peek at it through the hole? Or does the transmission have to come out?

Without knowing the source of the knocking the question can not be answered.

The OP’s question can be answered very easily. He isn’t asking anything about the cause or remedy.

Well in that case the answer would be: Yes,
Regardless of year, make, or model.
I even experience knocking in a Mercury outboard, just before a rod went through the block.

… and then, there is the question of exactly what the OP means with the term “knocking”.
Rather than just focusing on the probability of imminent catastrophic engine failure, let’s remember that some people refer to “pinging” or pre-ignition as “knocking”. In fact, many years ago, one of the petroleum companies (Gulf, IIRC) added to this confusion by referring to their high-octane gasoline as “No-Nox”.

Can the OP please clarify by telling us exactly what he/she means when referring to engine knocking?