Possible blown head gasket questions

So i recently got my Head gasket fixed. Also for some reason these mechanics thought because my Valve gasket looked fine even though you always want to replace everything no matter if it looks fine if its connected with that part. They didn’t which ended up with me having two oil leaks, i asked if i had to get my car in fast, they told me no theirs no rush and that i would be fine. I had an event i was going to up in salt lake city and park city, they told me i would be fine. So me and my friend went, it ended up with my car not being able to accelerate anymore, my car smoking white smoke excessively out of the front of my car, and my car died but my lights and radio and air still worked, but with my air it only worked for a little bit then nothing came out anymore, also my thermostat was all the way on Hot. I almost ended up going off the cliff if i wouldn’t have quickly put it in park. Could this mean my head gasket blew again. These mechanics have been screwing sense the begging and lieing to me. Just because i am a girl, and im looking into sueing then but i want all my facts straight first. Also wondering, they cant change my receipt after they have already given it to me nor change the odometer in and out just cause someone said they think it was different a few months later correct. I really need help on this cause ive come to realize im not the only girl they have screwed over

I do not have an answer for you about any legal recourse.
Unfortunately, since you did not stop immediately when your temperature gauge went up, nor do you state how often you checked your oil, adding oil if necessary, you may not have a case.
I suspect your engine is now ruined.

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Before you jump to the conclusion that the problem was the head gasket (which they worked on) or the valve cover gasket (which they didn’t work on) or that you’re a girl, you need to establish the actual reason for your vehicle’s failure.
Without actually seeing the car or knowing the condition, age, any conclusion is a guess so you need to have a mechanic take a look, possibly even a mechanic where your vehicle was towed.

From my own experience while a bad head gasket can be the cause of coolant loss as the coolant is sucked into the engine, “White smoke” coming from the front is more often a symptom of a cooling system failure so my first test would be a simple and inexpensive pressure test to check for leaks, especially from the radiator, hoses and water pump area.

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So I checked and they filled my oil before I even left there shop that same day this all happened. Also I didn’t notice my temp gauge because there’s no light on it and it was dark, and I didn’t think to check it because they said I was fine no issues…

Yeah I looked all that up, and my cousin who owed this car before me and built this car and engine pretty much before I bought it from him and got the head gasket fixed he had all those replaced and fixed, but thank you I will have A different shop check that!

here’s some questions . . .

Did the shop replace the coolant pressure cap?

Did the shop replace the thermostat?

Is the radiator still full of that milkshake from the previous blown head gasket . . . ?!

Belt in good shape and has correct tension?

Coolant level correct?

Are the fans working?

Hoses in good shape?


It’s usually not necessary to replace the valve cover gasket just b/c the valve cover is removed to fix something else. In any event if the valve cover gasket leaks it almost always just a tiny leak, mostly just annoying. So I don’t think the failure to replace the valve cover gasket is the problem here. I expect the problem is related to replacing the cylinder head gasket. That job involves major work to the engine b/c the cylinder head is sort of Grand Central station engine-wise. Everything going into or out of the engine passes through the cylinder head. What might have gone wrong is anybody’s guess, but there are certainly many possibilities. There’s two possible likely explanations for what happened to your car on your trip to Park City (a place I’m been many times)

  • It ran low on oil, which caused it to overheat.

  • It ran low on coolant, which caused it to overheat.

The first step to determine which of those it was, ask your shop to check amount of coolant and oil remaining in the engine. No way to know for sure without a pro-inspection, but my guess is no matter which of the above happened, your engine is no longer serviceable, and you’ll need a replacement engine installed. Not the end of the world, but will be a major expense, $4 -7 thousand I expect. Note however that there is some possibility the engine remains good, and the problem was something else. So don’t assume the engine is toast at this point.

yeah i spoke to multiple mechanics with extremely good high ratings today and i explained exactly what happened and what was involved and they all said the same thing they believe it is the head gasket, and that the re-burping of the system was not done properly for my car. Also i asked about my valve gasket the issue with that is that there are two extremely bad leaks ever sense i look it from the shop, they now want me to pay for a new one but i said no because i already did when i bought the New Head Gasket SET! i did check my oil and coolant before i left my car after it sat for a while and so the coolant would stop boiling, and i did have coolant they actually over filled it, also i did have oil too and it wasn’t to low. I also realized when i left that shop the first time getting my car back i drove to bluff-dale to test the car i heard something dragging so i stopped at maverick i thought it was my front bumper because i didn’t do my research till recently. But come to find out it was my skid plate, they didn’t put it back on so i had to sip tie it myself at 1 AM obviously it was horrible job done. But the other day i realized what it was and there is a huge hole from when i was on the highway dragging it. Could that have caused an issues maybe??

To be honest those are great questions. I know for a fact the second question they did not because the light is dead on it and i cant even see my thermostat and i told them and they kinda shrugged it off. Also with the coolant no they always over filled it! with the other questions i have no idea they never called me nor anything about my car until it was time to pick it up a month and half late… even when i would call them they just told me always it wasnt done yet and they would call and let me know. Not to mention this is my first self owned car and i never had to learn or worry about this stuff so im just kinda now getting to learn all this!