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2006 CRV - "P0472 Exhaust Pressure Sensor Low"

What does this mean? Something trivial like a fuel filter, or do I need to take it in to the dealer.

It came on about 10 minutes after putting in some fuel while I was on the road back home.

This has nothing to do with the fuel system. ANy change in the sound of the exhaust? Is the car still under warranty?

Have you added a low restriction, high flow after market tip muffler? You may have to go closer to stock to satisfy the computers demands.

It is a stock LX - no modifications to the exhaust.

Car is still under warranty - it has about 14000 miles. I think I will just take it to the dealer.
I hadn’t noticed any changes in the sound of the exhaust - but I will check for punctures/dents in the muffler etc. May some road debris caused some damage, but I don’t recall anything like that on the road. I was driving on an interstate at the time with the usual bits of truck tire, but didn’t run over any.

P0472 is “Exhaust Pressure Sensor Low Input.” The reference is to VOLTAGE. A fuller treatment of the meaning is in the Service Manual. This is something that you don’t really want to throw parts at. ($25 annual subscription) might give the full definition.

If it is under warranty, why would you even consider taking it somewhere other than the dealership? Why not get free repairs, rather than having to pay for them?