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2006 crown victoria coolent on passenger floor?

This started over the last week or so, at first it a few drops on the floor now is like a little pool, car started to go over heat with AC on also when AC is on it blows vapor out the vent smells like syrup, what do you think I need? Is it cheap fix?

That would be a leaking heater core. The first thing you need to do is, take it somewhere where they remove the heater hoses and shunt them together so it no longer leaks, and also to prevent the engine from overheating from the loss of coolant. Then figure out how much it’s going to cost to replace the heater core.


Definately your heater core is leaking. Sometimes it can be a split hose or a broken or loose clamp but most often it is the heater core itself. The heater core is actually a mini radiator. Some cars are pretty easy to access and replace the heater core, others can require disassembly of practically the whole dashboard.

I think the Crown Vic is not one of the more difficult ones. It is a messy job and will cost more than $100 and hopefully less than $300 to put right.

Thanks guys you guys are great.

Wrong, the CV does require removal of the dashboard to replace the heater core.

11/2hr $250 got my AC back yeehee thanks guys, one car down one more to go(the Subaru) I’ll keep you guys posted.

What job did that 250.00 buy you? did you get a heater core put in for 250.00 parts and labor? Or is that 1.5 hrs of your time and 250.00 parts got you going again,what part?

$250 all done(inc tax) with OEM parts.

Depending on when you bought it and your mileage, you might still be under warranty. If so, the heater core leak should be covered.

Warranty is long gone! It’s got 247k worth NYC TAXI pothole miles ?