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2006 Chrysler Sebring 2.4L 4 Cyl. Engine Rattling

Engine oil has been changed and spark plugs changed. The engine is still making rattling/clicking noise. I checked with a mechanic and he indicated that engine needs to be repaired. Didn’t say exactly what needs to be done and stated it would cost about $2200 for parts and labor. Does anyone know why the engine keeps rattling and making the noise? Oh, before plugs were changed, the engine was shutting off at times when in idle mode. Thank you in advance.

He didn’t say what needs to be done and we are supposed to guess without knowing the mileage of the car and if the check engine light was on. I just wish I was close to that good. Would you accept a estimate from a contractor who didn’t tell you what he was going to do?

Thank you oldtimer11 for reminding me of other symptoms I should have written down. Check engine light did not come on and the mileage is 60200 miles. Thank you again.

These are durable engines, I would be interested to know what sort of damage it suffered.

I believe from 2003 to 2006 buyers had a choice of warranty coverage, one of them being 7 year/70,000 mile powertrain warranty. You should inquire at a dealer.

Well, you should not shell out 2200 dollars on a fishing expedition to someone who can’t tell you what the problem is.
The spark plugs were probably a wild guess also because the odds of those causing an intermittent dying at idle are near zero. That could be an Idle Air Valve fault.

As to the rattling I’m assuming here that this rattling is present at all times, even at idle.
Depending on the oil change regimen, etc. this rattle could be due to stuck or failing valve lash adjusters.
Stuck could be caused by irregular oil changes, overheating, etc. and failing could be due to the metal disentegrating on the ends of the adjuster, or adjusters if more than one is noisy. This disentegration can also be caused by irregular oil changes.

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Thank you Nevada545 and ok4450. To repair or replace the valve adjusters, how much would you expect to pay at a shop? Thank you in advance.