2009 Chrysler Town & Country _Brakes

My van kept rolling in reverse when I had brake to the floor (I was parking in a parking lot stall)
I was backing in.

Well this is very dangerous. Do not drive the van. Call your local independent mechanic to arrange to have it towed and repaired

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Parking lot stall. Is ground level? And you roll on level ground?

Yes I realize it’s dangerous
Placing topic here for ideas of what could be causing issue
Yes parking lot
Yes flat ground
Vehicle did not stop with brake pedal pressed.
Asking for ideas of possible issue
Realize it could be brake fluid loss or master cylinder seal

A similar thing happened with my 71 Buick Skylark. I was returning from a long drive (~120 miles) when my brakes suddenly failed at an intersection about a mile from home. The master cylinder had failed with no warning. Have it towed to a garage for a proper diagnosis,

Good luck,

Ed B.

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Do you know how to do Brake work ? If not then you might want to tow this vehicle to a shop . Brakes are kind of necessary .

A leaking master cylinder or a broken brake line could be the cause. Check the fluid level in the brake fluid reservoir. Re fill with the proper fluid, (DOT4 I think). Have someone press the brake while someone looks at all the lines from the master cylinder back to each wheel, pump the brakes if necessary to build pressure, refill as needed. Watch for fluid coming out of the front calipers, if the rear are drums look for fluid coming out the bottom of the drum, you may have to pull them to see if the wheel cylinder is leaking. If no leak evident then it is probably the master cylinder.

But if this needs to be explained, then you do not have the skill set to fix it. I am pretty handy with cars, mechanical stuff and tools. I make a lot of my own repairs on my cars. I let the professional mechanics handle replacing brake lines, they have the tools and experience to do it right.

Thank you Edb
I absolutely had it towed.
Thanks for letting me know that it can fail without warning!
As it certainly did!!

I appreciate the explanation
Nope not intending to repair myself
Just getting experienced ideas
And I did have it towed
No way I’d drive it after that experience

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Don’t intend to do the brake work just looking for experienced suggestions
Husband is extremely handy but out of town for work
I had it towed absolutely!!
Thank you