2006 Chevy Malibu Random Starting Problems

It occurs at random the engine will turn over but it won’t start. I think I have it some what singled down. Itseems to occur once the gas tank gets to and below half a tank but even then it is totally random as far as I can tell. I need help.

I think the fuel level may be a coincidence. Sounds like maybe a lack of spark, maybe module or crank sensor. First thing you have to do, though, is narrow it down. Next time it won’t start, immediately determine if the cause is no spark, or no fuel.

How do you determine which one it is. It is so random. When it does happen the engine will turn over it just won’t start after two or three attempts it will then start.

treombie, just curious if you ever got this one solved? My boyfriend has a 2004 Mailbu Maxx and his aunt has a 2005 Malibu Maxx…same issue. It never throws a code (OBDII) so you don’t have that to go on and it’s so random that reproducing it like you said for a spark check would be next to impossible. I thought maybe it was a cold weather thing since I thought it had only happened last year when he bought the car but he said it’s been happening all along as is the same for his aunt’s car. He said it’s anywhere from every 1 in 20 to 1 in 200 starts that it occurs, but that when it does he is able to “give it some gas” and get it going. It got me to thinking possibly something with the fuel pump, but then why would it be just a random issue that never totally kills the car from starting…that makes me think possibly a fault in the wiring harness to the fuel pump. Then you’re looking at random electrical issue, only associated with the ignition to the fuel pump, not operating conditions. I asked him if it occurred more after fill ups (thinking something in evap) and he said it happens right after, long after, etc. which eliminates the half-empty tank philosophy (in his case at least).

Just curious if you got yours solved!!!