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2006 chevy colorado 4 cyl. fuel economy

any advise for upping the fuel efficiency for this small truck/car? i already maintain the tire pressure, change oil, oil filter, air filter.

What is the current fuel mileage? You should be getting 15-17 MPG around town and 21-25 MPG on the highway. With the 4WD Automatic model being more towards the low end.

18-19 MPG overall is about the best you can realistically hope for.

Trade it for a compact car. Trucks offer little improvement regardless of what you do. Aerodynamics and gearing are culprits you can do little above. Your driving habits influence your economy more than any other single factor. Driving slowly does the most for a truck I’ve found.

I have no answer that will give you better fuel efficiency but a smoother ride could be available. It seemed like a bed cover gives a smoother and/or quieter ride to me. I have an 02 GMC Sierra 4WD with automatic transmission. My plastic vent visors make more noise, so I found a sort of balancing effect. Win some, lose some. I get 18.5 MPG and a little better, when I am on the highway. Local/city is about 13, less in Winter.

thanks for the advice… i travel about 100miles round trip… the gas mileage is acceptable, i was just wondering if i could improve it…

One last idea. Dump a can of Sea-Foam in the fuel tank. To save money, use Berryman B-12 which is a lot cheaper priced type of paint thinner. It’s usually right next to the other stuff and is in the same kind of can. Those hundred mile round trips are great for that kind of annual fuel injector cleaning.

okay. however, i am a little cautious when it comes to putting additives or cleaners in the gas tank.

There’s no need to worry about putting additives in the gas tank (as long as they are meant to be gas tank additives as opposed to some crackpot thing paint thinner). Just don’t over do it. Sometimes it can help with some minor problems. Sometimes its just a waste of $$ - but it won’t hurt anything.

any recommendations for fuel additives.

Chevron Techron. I’ve seen it smooth the idle on an engine in just a few miles.
I put a bottle in once a year.