2006 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 front calipers keep sticking

2006 Silverado. front calipers keep sticking. replace and it runs fine for a few weeks, then sticks again

Replace you brake hoses they are very likely failing internally and blocking the return flow of brake fluid. And flush the brake system with fresh fluid while you are at it.

If replacing brake hoses fixes the problem, plan on replacing the rear ones, too.

Check your hubs for play. They are notorious on this model.

noplay in hubs. any other suggestions

Norma Andrus

I just replaced the calipers on my 2007 Silverado Classic, which is the 2006 model that the production was extended on to half the 2007 production year. The real 2007 came out mid year 2007. IIRC the rubber boots for the caliper pins were on the caliper bracket and they were a real bear to get on without cocking them. When calipers stick, it is often the pins that are hanging up.

What exactly are your symptoms? Calipers sticking can mean several things like the caliper pistons failing to return, the caliper not floating or the caliper pistons are recessing too far back into the calipers when the pedal is released causing the pedal to be pushed further to the floor before the brakes start to grip.

I would do as @Mustangman suggests and replace the flexible hoses that go to the calipers.

The truck and it’s parts are 12 years old. With age, the hoses break down internally and a little flap of the inner layer could be acting as a check valve…allowing fluid to flow to the caliper, but as the fluid reverses flow that little flap will restrict the flow back. Thus a stuck caliper.

If I replace a caliper that is over 10 years old…I always change the hose at the same time.


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So you replace the calipers and that fixes the sticking problem, but only for a while? hmmmm … my guess, same as above, most likely either the rubber brake hoses feeding the caliper, or the calipers are not sliding smoothly on the guides. Makes sure the sliding surfaces are clean and free of corrosion, and lubed w/brake grease. Brake grease is a special high temperature product, you have been using that right, not common wheel-bearing type grease? These are the oem wheels, right?