2006 Chevrolet Cobalt - Feeling its age

My Cobalt SS is getting up there in years and miles, and recently I’ve noticed that it isn’t performing like it used to. It hesitates off the line, and legs a bit when I want to accelerate sharply. I’d really appreciate some suggestions on how to get it back into shape. I changed the spark plugs, but the difference if any was very minor. Would less gap in the spark plugs help? Thank you!

Maybe try an injector clean and cleaning the MAF sensor. I assume you have changed the necessary filters.

especially the fuel filter.

Start with a compression test to get an idea of the health of the motor.


Try cleaning the electronic throttle body.


Nope, don’t mess with that.


All good suggestions. I’d add a faulty throttle position sensor.

Electronic throttle bodies don’t have TPS’s.

Instead, they have accelerator pedal position sensors.



Right arm! I’ll start with the compression test and fuel filter replacement. Many thanks, everyone!

No. Use only the exact plugs and gap recommended by the carmaker. They are named in the owners manual and maybe on a sticker under the hood.

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Clutch is good? Original?

It was changed sixty - eighty thousand kilometers ago. Still in good condition

Put a smaller pulley on supercharger. Mo powa, baby.