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2006 Cadillac CTS - cause of engine lock?

Car was missing on the freewway intermitent during rain. I thought maybe an elect short. Next day ran great then Died while driving at 50mph. Shop says engine is locked? 125K miles v6 ??? Is there anything that will cause the engine to lock other than if it seized? I tried to start it but starter wont even click? If it was seized I thought starter motor would click at least?

Is there any oil in it? No? That’ll lock 'er up!

Is the coolant level low? May have leaked into a cylinder. That’ll lock 'er up!

Has there been any rod-knocking noises? That also will lock 'er up!

A broken timing chain could seize an engine, too.

Not sure why you don’t have a click except maybe you burned out the fusible link trying to crank an engine that ain’t gonna crank. If it is seized, it is pretty easy to check. Put a socket on the crank pulley nut and try to turn it clockwise. No turn? Locked up! Not sure why the dealer would lie to you.

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