2006 Audi A4 - Should I remap this car?

Hi there, I’ve got an audi a4 convertible 1.8t 2006. I was wondering is it worth getting it remapped? The cars done 117k miles in its years its had cambelt, waterpump, timing belt, head gasket and clutch/ flywheel changed. I’ve recently had new gearbox fitted. Dunno if mentioning all that was relevant or not but oh well.

Depends on what you’re trying to get out of it.

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I have little personal experience with remapping. However, I have a friend who owns three Audis. A Q4 and two TTs. The reason he has 2 TTs is that he made modifications to the engine programming and now nobody will buy it used.

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OK, fill me in - what does ‘remapped’ mean? Program the computer for more performance? If that’s the case, I’d pass, plenty of things to go wrong on a 15 year old Audi as-is.


Push more power out of a middle aged engine?
That’d be like a 50 y.o. man starting a body building program with steroids.

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If the car’s in good shape overall, I’d concentrate on handling (tires and suspension), and getting all maintenance up to date, along with a thorough detailing inside and out.

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+1 to both, and I think that circuitsmith’s analogy is excellent.

Don’t know how much you’d really get out of it but using something like APR’s stage 1 tune because going to the next stages only makes sense if you’re modifying the engine for more power.

My brother’s been enjoying his '09 GTi completely stock for all these years but could have taken it to HPA which is a VW tuner just across the border in B.C. if desired more power.

Nope. Bad idea.