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2006.5 Kia Optima - hard pedal, brakes dragging and ESC light on

Hi all! I drove about 15 miles from home today. On the way there, car was fine. Troubles started on the way back. The brake pedal got hard and car was hard to accelerate (dragging?). Then the ESC light came on. Pulling over and restarting car made light go off and pedal/acceleration went back to normal for a few miles. Eventually same issue reoccured, the car was shaking and wouldn’t accelerate past 20 mph and the brakes started emitting an odor, so I decided to stop driving and get the car towed home. It felt like someone was mashing the brake pedal while I was mashing the gas.

I’ve asked in several forums so far and every person gives me a different answer, so I’m just looking for more input.

Many possibilities, first thing that comes to my mind is deteriated brake hoses/lines not allowing the brakes to retract, some vehicles the ESC system can apply brakes. The smell might be the brakes dragging and overheating. But brakes are too important to rely on advice from forums. Your vehicle needs to be checked out IMMEDIATELY by a professional.