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2005 VW Passat 1.8T Slow Start when engine is warm

I have a 2005 VW Passat 1.8T and recently when I go to start the engine after being driven it seems to start slowly. It is almost like the car is stalling when being started. The car starts normally when the engine is cold but this issue only happens when the engine is warm. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

You need to give folks some idea of how the maintenance is on this car. With any problems like this the first things to make sure of are the basics - spark plugs, plug wires, air filter, fuel filter. If any of those are even near due for replacement (check your owner’s manual), get it done & then see what happens & report back.

Or report that all of these things are up to date w/ as much detail as you have.

I have 51k mikes on the car and it was just serviced at the dealer at 50k. The spark plugs were changed at 40k and the air and fuel filter were changed at 50k. I do not know about the plug wires.Hope this helps.

The car was just serviced at 50k miles by the dealer. I know that the spark plugs were changed at 40k miles and then the fuel and air filters were changed at 50k miles.

Right now I have 51k miles on the car. Also i have been noticing that when the engine idles, it is sometimes idiling roughly.

I would investigate the question of the plug wires, and if those weren’t done at 40K I’d replace them. (On most little 4 cyl engines this is pretty darned easy to do in the space of about 15 minutes). The other thing I would investigate is the rest of the ignition system - distributor & coil if it has one or coil pack if its distributorless. The place to start is actually just with the wiring/connections to make sure everything is clean, tight, unbroken, etc. The warm/hot start problem makes sense re: ignition components b/c once they start to go they get worse when they’re hot (higher electrical resistance).

Ignition problems also go along with occasional rough idle, but for either one of these problems there are a number of other possibilities. Try running a high quality fuel system/fuel injector cleaner through the gas tank - sea foam or Techron are good choices.

Great thanks, I will investigate the wires as well as look into coils.

I will have to also try the sea foam, I have seen videos with this product-worth a shot!