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2005 volvo s40 engine boggs when i accelerate hard on cold days within first couple of minutes

i have a 2005 volvo s40 i
on a cold day when i start car and take off it boggs, there is no pep it seems like its struggling, after a couple minutes of driving she is back to normal.
i replaced spark plugs - no diff-
any suggestions

In cold climates the computer is supposed to call for a rich mixture until the motor warms up. This is not working properly on your car. It can be a bad computer, a sensor off line, and lots of other things.

can i self diagnose this or is this a pro repair, i am a bit handy around a car

Don’t “accelerate hard” until the car is warmed up. There might not be anything wrong with the car.

Find and clean the MAF, mass airflow sensor. You should be able to do it yourself and it might help. Not likely, but worth a shot. When did you replace the spark plugs? Weak, old plugs, can have problems getting the rich mixture of a cold engine to fire. New plugs is something you can do that might help.

@mleich - never had a problem before with the car, it was always responsive.

i just replaced the spark plugs a couple of days ago hoping it would fix the problem

what r some of the sensors u spoke of?