2001 Volvo S40 starting problem

I’ve been having an intermittent starting problem with my 2001 Volvo S40. The problem began at around 90,000 miles. Occasionally, when the engine is cold (San Diego cold), the car will not start despite cranking the starting motor repeatedly. The only way I’ve been able to keep the engine going is to press the accelerator pedal down when starting, and continue to press it for a couple of minutes, minimum. Once the car has been running for a few minutes, the problem goes away. On one occasion, the car wouldn?t start, but I came back 15 minutes later and it started. The check engine light does not come on in these episodes. My Volvo dealer replaced first the idle air control valve, then the fuel pressure regulator. The problem has happened again! The spark plugs were replaced 7000 miles ago. What else should my Volvo dealer be checking? Thanks.

My limited experience in SD indicates that cold = damp. If so, right after the car is running, or on a warm day after starting it, take a mister bottle and start spraying the wires under the hood. Pay special attention to the high voltage wires. You might be able to identify an area that is sensitive to dampness.

Thanks for your suggestion. I finally located a mister bottle, and tried it on a cool morning, but that didn’t cause the engine to not start. The engine compartment does have a faint smell of perfume now, unfortunately.