2005 Volkswagen Jetta - Is it safe?

I have a slipping transmission. The car always lurches and gets bumpy when I go faster or stop if I drive more than 5 miles at a time. Just today the car wouldn’t start unless I pushed the accelerator while turning the key. Is it safe to continue driving short distances (under 5 miles)? because I can’t afford a used or new transmission right now.

Impossible to say if it is safe. What you describe isn’t necessarily a transmission problem. You really need to get it into a shop to have them determine what IS the problem and what you can afford to do about it.

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This wouldn’t be related to a transmission problem.

As Mustangman says, you need a proper diagnosis here. If I had to guess, I’d say that your fuel pump is on the way out.

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With these problems it could die in traffic, say when making a left turn. So it’s not safe, in my opinion. Get it diagnosed, it might be something much cheaper than a new transmission.

Can it be oil pump issue?

Not Safe. Have it inspected and repaired. Or stay off the road.

Based on the symptoms that the OP mentioned, no, I don’t believe this to be an oil pump issue. If it was, I expect that the engine would have seized-up at least a few weeks ago.

@MyaTurner, is the check engine light lit? If so, take it to an auto parts chain store and get the codes read. Take a picture of the screens they show you, and tell us what the codes are. You can even attach those pictures to your next post. Maybe we can help you figure it out.

You need to get the no-start problem solved anyway, otherwise it will eventually leave you stranded. So ask that shop tech to take a test drive w/you to assess the severity of the transmission slipping problem at the same time. Best case, you’ll get the starting problem solved and also be advised the transmission problem fix can be deferred for a while.