2005 Tucson A/C Problem


I am trying to find out if anyone is aware of the problem that I am having with my 05 Hyundai Tucson. When I travel long distances 50-60 miles the a/c quits cooling and just blows warm air. It does not do it just driving around town, only long distance driving. Any suggestions?


[b]The compressor on your AC system has a thermal limit switch. If the compressor temperature runs too high, this switch cuts power to the compressor in an effort to prevent damage to the compressor.

Now it could mean that this thermal limit switch is malfunctioning. But most likely the compressor is actually getting hot enough for this switch to cut the power. That’s why it happens over extended trips on the road and not when driving around the area.

So I see an AC compressor in your future.



You should take it to an A/C shop to have them determine the high and low side pressures. If, for some reason, they’re out of spec then that may be leading to a compressor overheat when operated over long periods of time. Keep your eyes open for a damaged condenser (broken and bent fins), or a restriction in the lines, possibly a thermal expansion valve that has become clogged or defective.