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2005 Toyota Matrix radio volume control not working

I have a 2005 Toyota Matrix. The radio volume control knob does not change the volume. The volume is just constantly stuck at a set volume (luckily a reasonably soft one). I pulled the knob plastic cap off and sprayed some contact cleaner in there but nothing changed. Any ideas what caused this problem and what I can try? I have taken the radio out and opened it (changed led bulbs) before so I feel comfortable doing that and tinkering around.


Being a 2005 model, and 6 years old, I wouldn’t fool with trying to diagnose this one. Go to and get a new radio. It will sound better than your factory unit, and it will save you the trouble of trying to figure out your current one’s issue. Good luck.

I guess you don’t have a volume control on your steering wheel, too. If you do, does it work? I agree with ledhed75 that the quickest and cheapest way to fix it is to get a new radio. If you don’t want to fool with the radio yourself, a store like Best Buy will sell you a radio and install it.

A good thought about steering wheel control. The trouble most likely is inside the radio. There may be a broken connection to the volume control causing the trouble.

Ebay is a good source for OEM replacements. You would be hard pressed to beat this deal.

Hi everyone! Thanks for your comments!
Unfortunately I don’t have the steering wheel control.
I almost bought that ebay one but…
Call me a cheapstake but I couldn’t just give in and spend money without a fight. So I opened the thing and found the ribbon cable wires (that lead to the front panel) to be kind of stiff and a little brittle. I just poked around and one of them just broke right off. I figure that was the rogue one. So carefully stripped a little and soldered it back together. I am now a very proud and quite happy radio listener!! Volume control is NOT overrated :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Great attitude, neat diagnosis, and nicefix.

Good job. Thanks for the update.