2005 Toyota Corolla - Oil change question

when should i change engine oil for toyota corolla 2005

3000-5000 miles. On a 14 year old vehicle check the oil weekly and add as needed.


Change it as directed in your owner’s manual, along with doing any other maintenance that it specifies.

If this is new to you, right now, then every 5k using conventional or 7.5k using synthetic. Check oil level every time you get gas until you have established if the engine is using or losing oil.

It is important for the OP to note the “elapsed time” factor for oil changes, in addition to the odometer mileage factor. For people who drive their cars in more than just short-trip, local driving, and who add highway miles weekly, the odometer mileage factor can be followed.

By contrast, the person who uses his car for just local driving and who adds up the miles slowly, the “elapsed time” factor is important to follow. IIRC, the oil should be changed at least once every 6 months, no matter how few miles were driven in that time period.