2005 Toyota Camry oil level goes down without a leak

I frequently notice oil level going down even when there is no leakage. The maintenance has always been on schedule. Sometimes the oil level on the deep stick gets so low even before the due date.

Just check your oil level once a week before you start the engine. Add what amount it takes to put it at the full level. That way you will know just how much you are using. .

Of course you did not say how many miles this thing has so you may not have a major problem . Many vehicles will use some oil.


Then add oil when it drops.

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Is your valve cover gasket leaking? I have the same exact car as you. My valve cover gasket was leaking. I replaced the gasket and it stopped leaking.

I had the issue at around 150k miles.

If there are no leaks, that means the engine is burning the oil.


The person said no leaks and apparently does not check the oil level like he should .

The All Seeing Swami sees an engine rebuild in his future .

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would you rebuild an engine that is 15 years old?

I have the same car, so I’m asking, because I might be in this situation in a few years.

Sixteen years old with an unspecified number of miles. Oil burning is going to affect them all at some point.

Allowing the oil level to get real low is a contributor to the oil consumption problem for several reasons.

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It’s good that you frequently check oil level. Now be sure to keep it topped up. You can record how much oil it needs to stay topped up between oil changes - but the important thing is to prevent it from getting more than one quart down from full.

Many engines can go for years even if they burn oil - as long as they don’t get too low on oil.

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Depends on the condition of the rest of the vehicle and if the owner wants to spend the money on it .

Personally no. I own a well maintained 2009 Corolla with 121k and I wouldn’t invest in an engine rebuild. Instead I’d put a used engine in it and get rid of it.

To know how bad this is, we need to know how many miles it takes for one quart to be burned.

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