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2005 Toyota Camry - Codes after exhaust

After replacing Ontirio Exhaust cat back on Sept , my car picked up P2423 code, IM shows every thing ready except EVP. Paid 67 to Monro and replaced both O2 as suggested , it did not help. Applied sea foam , once in a while evap shows ready. Athother mechanic told me that the cat I had replaced is not working. Replaced the spark plugs, do not see any cracks and leaks visually but no smoke test is done. I do not want to pay money as I did to Monro. Already spent over 4 hundred on it. Not sure to replace the cat back will help? It is my wife car and you know my situation, in dog house over a month.
Any suggestion ?

Is the engine burning oil? that would explain all of this

Installing a cat-back exhaust system won’t fix a bad catalytic converter.



Start listening to this second mechanic?
p2423 can come up when the cars computer starts to see the same readings from the before -Cat oxygen sensor and the after- Cat oxygen sensor- showing that your cat isn’t doing what it needs to be doing.
Replacing the spark plugs will not help this situation.

more info

Since 2009 I have been changing Oil and filter, I do not think it is burning oil.

5-6 months ago I had replaced valve cover gasket. After that is makes little noise in first start than it is smooth


3 months ago I was suggested to replace flex pipe, instead of just changing flex pipe, i replaced whole catalytic converter. It catched the code p 2423 HCAC( BANK 1).

I had replaced the upstream with denso 234-9041 , which did not remove the code. My child drove to NY within the speed limit and the gas mileage was 35 per gallon. It drives well , no stall.

I wanted to use sea foam for front catalytic converter, somehow I messed the screw and sensor while taking off. Mechanic drilled it with die and I put brand new O2 sensor with 234-9049 per Bernardi honda and also repalced the rear denso 234-4622 oxygen sensor per Monro mechanic with 67 service fee.

I also cleaned the thortal body and checked if there is leak or hoses are loose and air leaks.

The OntairoExhaust seller suggested me to change the manifold. Cat is ready and O2 were always ready. Monro suggested 3 O2 sensors to replace with cost 1512.99. I bought online for 150 and my mechanic put it on for me.

One mechanic told me that I need to replace the cat back which is not working properly, he used bigger scanner ( not obdII tool). My friend also use the same cat back for his car and did not have any problem.

Now I already spent over 400 dollars, $67 at Monro where he put the obdII tool and got code , look at internet and call a friend and his answer was replace all 3 O2 sensors.

Now I do not want to replace parts as Monro suggested.

Today I went different garage and he had Snap-on big tool and got that code 2423 HCAC ( bank 1) and suggested me to go to Autozoe or Advance autoparts.

I have been there but just with the code their suggestions are different.

Now I am in limbo, Dealer asking 150 per hour and if fixed free diagnosis. My car is not worth of 1500 and I am not ready to pay 1500 dollars.

Should I depend on YourMechanic who is charging 84.99? Are these guy at YourMechanic are good and able to diagnosis my problem?

Thank you,

Sham Karki