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2005 Tacoma shudder... Help I am gonna lose my mind!

Hello all, new to the forum here.

I am scratching my head over the Washboard like ride I get at very low speed (stopping and starting), 5-10 mph.

Truck is at 60000 miles just did dif service, will be doing propeller shaft today. I did change the wheels from the stock 20 inch chrome godawfulness it came with to some nice unobtrusive Toyota Stock 16 inch rims from a 2006 Taco. At the same time changed tires to Yokohama hts geolanders.

So far I have completed the following diagnostic work:

Shudder occurs in drive and neutral brakes no brakes

Removed rear drums and checked for warpage none found, replaced retension springs on both sides

Had tire dealership install stock dunlops to rule out some of the posts I have read about Yokohama tires. Tires were 265/50r20, and were changed to 245/75r16 And still had vibe

That about covers it…

Any advice would be appreciated. thanks and howdy,

There is a driveline vibration TSB for 15-25 mph condition. TSB-0132-08. Rear transmission mount,check it out see if it applys.