2005 Subaru Outback - Trouble Prone Car?

I bought it second hand and I gave up on it after 3 years and 8 months at about 187k. The actuators for 3 of the 4 doors (so that left out the passenger side one), were all replaced. I noticed that the engine hesitated especially after the 2nd gear (it’s an auto) and it felt like it was gonna stop. Finally, while pulling a trailer, the engine fizzled out. A visiting mechanic came to visit and noticed that one of the cylinders was failing he said. I noticed the same hesitation with the engine after the 2nd gear too with the company car that I sometimes drove. It was a model year later. I could smell the coolant too everytime I stopped and parked. Could be coolant leak.

So is this just a complaint or are you wanting to know something?

I can’t say that I’d consider a 15 year old car with near 200k miles, purchased used, and having a cylinder described as failing for some unknown reason as being trouble prone.