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2005 Subaru Outback CEL after engine replacement

So I am a new driver and I inherited my grandparents 2005 Subaru Outback (100,000 miles, garage kept, only used in snowy weather when their electric car was too wimpy) and I drive this thing like a paranoid grandma. recently the radiator hose thingy came detached on the highway and the engine blew. Decided to replace engine and 2 weeks later check engine light comes on. The car sorta feels weird and draggy (might be me being paranoid) but the check engine light turned off for a day and then the next it came back on. It is not overheating and all it should need is new brake pads and muffler. It is squeaky and stiff any ideas? Idk much abt cars so this info may be irrelevant sorry.

If the replacement engine was professionally done the shop should have provided some sort of warranty.
Aside from that, when the check engine light comes on have the codes read, usually a free service at an auto parts store, then post those codes here and someone may be able to offer solutions.
If you really need brakes and exhaust work you should not be driving it.
Exhaust leaks can allow carbon monoxide into the vehicle and kill you. If the brakes fail they can kill others.

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