To fix or not to fix? 02 sensor for 2004 subaru outback

My check engine light has been on for a long time, probably the o2 sensor based on one diagnosis. Car has 115,000 miles, I’ve already replaced the head gasket. Definitely not a pleasure to drive anymore - needs alignment, driver window doesn’t work, might be some tailpipe issues, etc. It won’t pass state inspection next month, so I have to do something. Opinions on whether it is better at this point to get it fixed or trade it in, and if I’m going to buy a new car, should I get it this one fixed before trading it in?

Sounds like it time for a new car. I would not spent any more money before I trade it.

Thanks, Dodge330. good to hear.

Your 2004 Outback has some market value but it appears on the surface that you want to get a new vehicle anyway. The money that you will spend to get it properly repaired may or may not be recoverable. So…sell it “as is” and shop for another vehicle.

My check engine light keeps going on. Unfortunately I bought my car in Colorado and drove it out to Oregon before this light started going on and before I realized it had bad head gaskets which my mechanic said is common for Subarus. In states where they don’t do emissions tests you might be able to sell it or part it out Oregon doesn’t require emissions tests. I still am in a quandary about my light going on. I think it’s water shorting out the system or a sensor. You might have the emissions test to see if you pass to narrow out these other factors or replace your gas cap and have the light turned off. Any one else have this light problem? I’d like to ask our car talk brothers.

Lemonlover, this thread is 3 years old so the problem has been fixed or vehicle replaced.