2005 Subaru electrical glitch?


I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT wagon. My radio and air control system are stuck on one setting. I cannot change the radio station, nor can I change the setting on my air controls to defroster, or AC, or heat. It works, but only on the setting when I start the car (meaning I cannot change it to anything else). Is this an electrical or fuse problem? Any ideas?

Thank you.

Gal in Wyoming


Its an electrical issue likely, there is no fuse that control that. Hopefully you are under warranty 3yr/36k miles. I have the same exact car with manual transmission and absolutely love it.


Check to see if the radio has any buttons that are stuck down. There may be one that is jamming the channel selection. If you don’t find any problem there then the radio will have to be repaired.

For the climate control problem it sounds like there may be an electrical problem with the mode selector.