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2005 Scion xA - Which oil?

synthetic vs regular oil. Which is better?

Synthetic is better, but the cost vs benefit on your car makes it not worth it.

I agree with above, but if you want to see more on the topic, here you go!

Why not split the difference and use synthetic blend? If you do your own oil changes buy whichever, full synthetic or blend, is on sale.

The cheapest oil that meets the specifications for your vehicle.


I’ve always used conventional oil in my Pontiac and synthetic in my Acura because it calls for 0-20 weight. I see no problem with conventional except recently it is not to be found. Instead there is blended and full. The blended is near the cost of conventional so I suspect I will begin using blended and see if I have a leak problem or not.

It uses conventional 5w-30, right? It’s lasted 15 years, right? Why change? Use what you want, but don’t expect it to make a difference as long as you change according to the recommended intervals.