2005 Saturn Vue will crank but not start!

Hey guys. So I replaced the battery on my saturn vue 05. And cannot seem to get the car started. The car cranks though as a car should. The tank is on E all of a sudden and I am 100 percent sure I got a full tank. The theft light is not on. But the diagnostic is on. My obd scan tool reads a link error for the BCM. I dont what else I should do. Hope u can help.

Read this.


You may need to have it towed to the dealer.


One idea, you might have got a little electrical glitch occurring when you installed the new battery. That could prevent a successful reset at some of the car’s modules, such as in your case the body control module. No experience with that make/model, but if I had that problem I’d disconnect the battery negative and leave it disconnected for an hour. Then reconnect. Attach the battery negative cable to the post in one step, don’t let the cable touch then temporarily disconnect from the post in the process. Might work.

btw, if the final step of the battery install was to connect the +, that could be the problem. the negative should always be the last connection.

If you can do a compression check that would be a good start. My daughters saturn blew the timing chain. Interference engine, but repaired 1 year ago, new heads and still running.

A similar scenario happened to us after replacing the original battery in our Equinox. You probably just have a blown BCM-related fuse somewhere. Check the fuses in the interior fuse panel first, but one of the larger fuses in the underhood fuse block may be blown too.

The car won’t run and the gauge cluster can’t function without the BCM. This would explain why the fuel gauge isn’t working and the no BCM connection issue.

The fuse(s) may have blown during a brief power surge that occurred during a jump start attempt or when the battery terminals were connected to the new battery while the key was in the the RUN or ACC position. This is plausible because in most newer GM vehicles, the key can’t be removed after attempting to start the vehicle if the voltage gets too low.