2005 Saturn Vue Redline repair or sell

I have a 2005 Saturn Vue redline. It has 96000 mikes and needs a timing belt and brakes. Runs fine but engine (3.5 liter honda) has a tick when running. I had the vslves adjusted and was told valves were ok atvthe time. I have oil changed regularly with full synthetic but recently started using conventional oil (Mobil) as it says in the manual ( could that contribute to the ticking?). I was told it may need a flush of deposits next oil change. Two slight oil leaks, nothing major that my mechanic says hondas do. Rides good for its age and have replaced shocks and springs. Opinion. Cant afford anew car and prices of old i can afford are rediculous but will do if i have to. My mechanic advised me to fix if i cant do new. Thoughts here?

If your trusted mechanic has tested for the common causes of engine ticking noises, checked for diagnostic codes current and pending, and finds nothing serious, your plan seems like a pretty good bet. Suggest to use the correct spec engine oil, & keep the engine oil and oil filter changed out at least as frequently as the manufacturer recommends. Even better, change the oil and filter a little more frequently. I’m sort of skeptical your engine needs a flush, so double check w/your mechanic. Your oil leak may be coming from valve cover gasket, so one idea towards getting some hard evidence for a flush or not, is for your mechanic to replace that gasket. During that job the mechanic can also inspect the insides of the upper part of the engine to see if there’s an unusual amount of sludge formation. Also suggest to ask your mechanic if it would make sense to get an independent test the oil pressure using their shop gauge. .

My truck developed a ticking noise one time, turned out to be the water pump.

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Hmm, around a $1000? I think I would do it.
As far as the ticking, I would go back to the full synthetic, then do another change at 2000-3000 miles, see if the ticking goes away.

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Thanks. I just had my mechanic look it over. He did not check for codes though. I have messaged him about the tick.

The cost for the timing belt was a little over 1000. Brakes are a different cost. Needs drums for sure. Probably front pads too.

That cost doesn’t seem out of line. Especially if it includes replacing the water pump.

Thanks everyone!!!

Especially with that symptom, good idea to replace the timing belt tensioner and idler pulley too. Generally the recommendation here for timing belt jobs is to also replace the water pump, tensioner, and idler pulley. I expect your mechanic is already planning to do this, usually they order a timing belt kit, which includes all those other replacement parts.

Thanks. Yes he is.

Depends where you live. Snow area? They are known for unibody rust. If it’s ok then ask if you want a suv?

I have a 2005 Saturn Vue and a 2007 Volkswagon Passat. Both need work. Just trying to make the best decision. I do live in a ne pa and get snow but the awd could be helpful. My mechanic said to 1 buy new 2 fix Saturn 3 fix vw in that order. I cant afford a new car and finding a good used car in my budget is very hard, especially with the prices and getting anything up here less than 100,000 that I will not be putting money into the next one right away while making payments on it is the decision. Thanks to everyone.

Please restate, it is confusing.
Is your mechanic saying fix the Saturn first? Then fix the VW?
Do you need two vehicles?
To use an old cliche, you are between a rock and a hard place.
The Saturn is an orphan brand, though it has GM siblings, there might be parts unique to the Vue that may no longer be available.
Whereas VWs are expensive to repair.
Can the VW be repaired then sold for more than the repair cost?
If you do not need two vehicles, sell one.

I have fixed my kids 03 vue for 11 yrs. It’s sitting in my driveway now. She got new car. Has new brakes, drums, rotors, springs, sst muffler. She is torn on selling it I drive it every few weeks. Oh, I have 4 chrome wheels now.

Yes between a rock and hard place. He said of the cars he would fix the Saturn first. The Vw needs rear coils and brakes. Done alot of repairs on it. I dont need 2 cars but given age I kept both in case. Generally the VW in the shop much more than Saturn.

Honda timing belt. Yep, that’s life. Funny the trans used with Honda v6 vues is more reliable then the accord or odyssey trans with same motor. They do like drain/fills though.
The H5 transmission was redesigned with a stronger case and four shafts versus three in the earlier H5 transmissions. The four shaft H5 transmissions are much more robust and do not exhibit the same failure rate as the three shaft H5. The new design first entered service in the 2005 Acura RL. All heavier vehicles eventually moved to this design in the following years until it was ultimately replaced by the H6, which also uses four shafts.
I think vue has the weaker trans.

When my wife’s Vue was ready for a timing belt I could not get the crankshaft pulley off. Ended up paying about that much to have it done.

Thanks everyone. Getting great feedback.

Saw 2 RL vues in junkyard. Both had good body kits. I kept walking.

The Honda engine in the Saturn Vue is very reliable, provided that you keep up on the maintenance…which includes having the timing belt kit changed at the recommended interval. The ticking noise is probably from the valvetrain, and other than being annoying, it does not mean the engine is failing. I would do the necessary maintenance and keep driving the Vue. Even to this day, I still see a lot of them on the road.

Thank you for your thoights.