2005 Saab 9-3

How many others have this problem? My gas gauge will often go to “0” even after I fill the tank. Then, miraculously, it goes back up. I think it may be heat related. And I NEVER overfill.

Fuel sending unit . . . it’s located inside the tank

Replacing it will obviously cost some money

here’s what you can do, and it’s cheap

Start filling up with top tier fuel . . . costco comes to mind, in case you’re a member

If you’re lucky, the inaccurate gauge readings are due to deposits on the fuel sending unit’s contacts

If you’re even luckier, the top tier fuel’s additives will clean the deposits off and restore proper fuel gauge operation

It worked for me

And please let us know the result . . . we do like to get updates, and it might help somebody in the future


I agree with @db4690!

I would add that I have had success by adding Techron to the fuel tank as well. It is an injector cleaner meant to be added to the gas tank and I use that specific brand.

If you have anywhere close to 100,000 miles on this 9-3, I’d just plan on having the fuel pump and fuel level sender assembly replaced since the fuel pump’s don’t last a whole lot longer than 100K miles. It is all one assembly and it would likely fix the fuel sender problem and pro-actively install a new pump at the same time. The assembly runs about $100 and is easy to replace. Should be about 1 shop hour.