2005 Pontiac Vibe: Manual Trans. fluid change at 60k miles?

I think I heard Ray say that regardless of what the owners manual says, he recommends changing the transmission fluid at 60k miles. Did I hear him right?? My owners manual says don’t worry about changing the fluid. Any input from the ‘community’?

I think the 60K interval refers to automatic transmission fluid. Manual transmission fluid should be changed according the the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

More frequent changes, however, certainly won’t hurt.

That’s about the mileage at which I change out the gear oil in my manual transmission and differential in my Nissan pickup.


What are your ownership goals? If 150k or less I would leave it be and save the money. If you plan on driving the vehicle into the 200k-300k range yourself I would change it somewhere between 60k and 100k.

russoja: A Toyota Matrix is the same car as a Pontiac Vibe. The Toyota maintenance manual states that for a manual transmission Matrix under normal use, transmission fluid should be changed EVERY 4 YEARS or 40,000 MILES!!! If you are towing a trailer or driving on muddy country roads, the interval is 2 YEARS OR 20,000 MILES!

GM still sells “low maintenance”, but if Toyota recommends the above change intervals for the exact same car, I would follow the Toyota schedule!!!

Hope this helps your make your car last a very long time.