2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Blower Problem

Since I purchased my Grand Prix, which had 39,000 miles on it at the time, I’ve had nothing but problems with the blower for the air conditioning, heat, and windshield defroster. Every twelve to eighteen months, I have to replace either the blower motor, blower motor relay, or blower motor resistor.

I just replaced the blower motor and blower motor resistor two months ago, and yesterday, the blower stopped working again. I checked the fuse, and it was fine. I replaced the blower motor relay about two years ago.

My question is could it be anything else besides the blower motor, blower motor relay, blower motor resistor, or the fuse that could be causing the problem?

I know a lot of people with 2004-2006 Pontiac Grand Prixes have the same problem with the blower system going out all the time. It’s just frustrating.

A friend had sent to me a service bulletin which said sometimes the recurring problems are cause by an electrical surge to the system originating from the windshield wiper motor. However, two months ago when I went to the dealership to have it looked at, before I replaced the the blower motor and blower motor resistor, they said they checked the windshield wiper motor and that wasn’t the problem.

What should I do or look for? Should I go ahead and replace the blower motor relay again since that part is two years old? I should add I always replace the parts myself. I have read others have a mechanic do it but still have to replace one of the three aforementioned parts as often as I do.

I have also contacted General Motors about a recall. They don’t have any for this issue, and they were uncooperative with me about initiating one since I did the repairs myself.

Thanks for the help.

GM has already issued a TSB for this. The GM people you contacted should have told you. The fix is to install a capacitor that will prevent voltage surges from confusing the blower control module.

(note that without the fix, some blowers will run continuously, some will run intermittently, and some won’t run at all. You evidently have the latter problem.)