2005 Odyssey headlight covers

Cloudy headlight covers: no, I tried lots of “fixes”, they are labor-intensive, not very cheap, and don’t last; NO, you can’t get 16 year old headlight covers from a junkyard, they’ve been in the sun and hit as many particles & are therefore just as cloudy as mine. $130 a pair from Taiwan, available in 3 MONTHS! Is that the only option?



Yes you can find new headlights in junkyard. You have to be first inline. Replace headlights, blow up motor or trans. I see new headlights from time to time. You can certainly find better Used headlights then your current ones.
Just found these. NEW $50 for pair. Ha
Want me to buy them for you?

Try calling a few detailers and asking about cleaning the lenses. I have seen the work done at the local Nissan dealer for less than 100.00 and they looked like new .