2005 Nissian Altima

I am considering buy this car with 85000 it has a 2.5 4 cyclinder. Not sure with reliabilty and how long do you think this car would last as mileage goes? Thank you

Find out if it has a rebuilt engine. Late 05 and early 06 had problems with the rings.

no i sure it doesn’t

A used car should never be purchased unless the potential buyer has the opportunity to take the car to his own mechanic for a thorough inspection. Whether we are talking about engine sludge, a dodgy transmission, collision damage, rust damage on the chassis, or any other problem, the time to find out about these situations is before purchase, not after handing over thousands of dollars.

Additionally, I would not purchase a used vehicle unless the owner had full maintenance records that I could compare with the factory maintenance schedule. After spending a lot of time on this site, it has become obvious that a HUGE percentage of the population does not maintain their cars properly. The first owner may not have problems as a result of this negligence, but the second or third owner will inevitably wind up with really high repair costs from an improperly maintained vehicle.

If someone does not have maintenance records to show you, I interpret this as either simple ignorance/negligence or an attempt to conceal poor maintenance, and in either case, you will be the one to suffer with the car, and that applies whether it is a Nissian or a Toyotia or a Hondia.