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2005 Nissan Quest with out interior lights - help before wife sticks push lights everywhere!

2005 Nissan Quest with 80k. No interior dome/map or door lights work. The instrument cluster and center column lights all work. Basically all the bright lights are gone but you can see speed, radio, etc. Have changed every fuse inside the van with no luck. Inspected the fuses in the engine compartment and none seem to be bad. This all happened after i some IKEA boxs, wonder if something got knocked loose that i cant find. Any suggestions welcome.

Do you have them switched off? On most cars, rotating the bezel of the headlight switch all the way acts as the on/off switch.

Double check your headlight switch as Steve suggested.

The quest has a manual on off switch, but it the lights dont work in either of the “on” positions (door, or just on)

Along with checking for a bad fuse you need to verify power is getting to the fuses using at least a test light probe. There is a fusible link designated ‘J’ in the panel under the hood tied to the circuit. There are also 3 fuses in the dash panel involved, fuses 3,16, and 19. The ignition will need to be on for power to get to fuse 16. If those things are ok then you need to check the Body Control Module circuit wiring for a problem. I recommend you get a service manual for the wiring if you continue to work on this yourself.