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2005 Nissan Pathfinder - Won't turn over

2005 Pathfinder engine will not turn and the check engine light is off. What can be the problem? Starter?

Have you tested the battery yet? Then checked the connections from the battery to make sure they’re tight (especially the ground to body)?


When you turn the key what happens? No sound at all or a clicking sound? Do your head lights work? If they do you have some juice in the battery, but not enough to run the starter. If the lights do not come on the battery is done for, or the cables are so corroded that they cannot pass electricity. Do you have access to a volt meter? The battery should give you 12.5 volts or more if it is charged.


Lights work, no clicking sound.

A weak battery and/or corrosion between the battery posts and the cables are the first things to check. The cables can also corrode inside their plastic covering, and there can be poor connections at the other ends of the cables. There can be enough current delivered to light the lights, but not enough to meet the high demands of the starter motor.

All the cables check good and no corrosion.

did you actually remove the 4 connections and check the mating surfaces? A voltmeter will also help, check the voltage across the battery when trying to start, and then check across the starter terminals. they all should be >10 volts.

I did not disconnect the 4 cables.

A voltmeter is a faster way to eliminate (or confirm) that possibility.

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