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2005 Nissan Altima - how much damage from overheating?

My car overheated and engine light started flashing. I pulled off the road filled it with coolant and allowed it to sit a few hours before going back to get it. When I went back it started fine but was low on gas and it died sitting at a light sounding like it ran out of gas. Wouldn’t turn back on after putting gas in. Pulled it home. Next morning it took a while to turn over but it started. Was running okay in neutral and park when I put it in drive it was ok not perfect but ok. Got to the end of the road and check engine light started flashing and the car was sputtering like it wanted to turn off, so I turned around and immediately parked it. I’m afraid I blew a head gasket or an actual head. Is this what happened or can it be something less?

There is no way to diagnose over the internet how much damage was caused by the engine overheating. A pressure test of the cooling system, followed by a compression test of the engine will reveal a lot.