Nissan altima head gasket

i am looking at a 90 something model nissan altima the guy says its a head gasket but no white in the oil but the car is overheating. the guy just put a new radiator in it. he says it is the head gasket on the exhaust side and is steaming whenever the car warms up. i drove it and it was fine when idling but got hot going down the road. it was a little low on water and one hose was a little spongy but all intact. would love to hear your ideas and please give me a clue as to what i might be getting myself into.

If it’s low on coolant, that coolant’s going somewhere.

Who’s the guy? If he’s your mechanic, he says the head gasket is failing, you’re missing coolant, and overheating at speed, I’d say odds are good that it’s a head gasket.

A spongy hose can cause overheating.  However I am more suspicious of where the coolant is going.  Find that first.

Or a cracked head.