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2005 Nissan Altima air conditioner

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima and when I turn my air conditioning on my car starts rattling and shaking on the passenger side as well has makes some noises. When I turn the air conditioner off the noises and the shakes goes away. Is this something I should go have looked at or is this a problem I may have to wait until the situation gets worse, such as no air conditioning?

Thanks for the advice since it’s petty clear I know very little about cars

Get it checked out now. It might be something as simple as a low idle, which would only create a problem when the air conditioning taxes the engine.

You probably need a new belt tensioner (and maybe a new belt).

Don’t wait - once its making noise it stands a good chance of just failing all of a sudden. I’m not certain of the setup on this car, but if its like many others when that belt fails you will lose not only A/C but also power steering and your alternator. Once the alternator is gone you will end up stranded someplace shortly after the tensioner goes.

Thanks I really appeciate the feedback!