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2005 Nissan 350Z - stock internals

How much power can I run on stock internals?

2000 horsepower or so, for about 10 seconds total. Then it will blow itself to smithereens.

It is a sliding scale - stock, it will run 350,000 miles. Boosted to 500 HP, far less. 1000 HP, far, far, less. 2000 HP, ka-boom as fast as you can say it!

It also depends on HOW you get more HP. Giggle gas (NOX) or turbocharged or supercharged or high RPM.

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You can safely add any NISMO S upgrades and not hurt the longevity, warranty or emissions of the engine. If you are still under warranty, the NISMO R parts will void the warranty and possibly cause you to not pass any emissions tests. NISMO S will only boost your HP by about 10%.

Not under warranty… 13 year old car owned by someone who likely wants to add turbos to make loads of power.