2005 Mini Cooper S



I have owned my car for 1 year now and really want to know what the fan is running for when there is no engine light nor any problems? I know to cool engine off but does it have to do it every time I run the car?


Any other Mini owners out there tonight?


I’ve owned my mini for just over 4 yrs now. Here’s what I’ve noticed:
-The radiator fan is louder than most other cars I’ve ever owned.
-The engine compartment is much tighter than most other cars; air flow is an issue.

Does the fan have to come on every time you run the car? Not necessarily, but there’s a good chance it will.
It’s normal, relax and enjoy the car. . . .


it is on to cool your radator down other wise you would over heat your motor. i ay live with it you can’t change it

mopar man


Under normal conditions with out the A/C, defrost or heater on: you will start the car and no fan will run, car will start to heat up until it reaches the designed operating temperature and thermostat will cycle to keep it at that temperature. Often, depending on outside temperature and driving conditions it will need some additional cooling and the fan will start cycling on and off. All this is normal and nothing at all to worry about; it is all as designed. Now if the temperature goes a little higher, then the light turns on and they you immediately dive to the side of the road and turn the engine off. You don’t drive to the next exit, unless you want to turn a small problem into a big problem.

Short Version: It’s normal.