2005 Kia Sorento - Can't move the wheel

i have a 2005 kia sorento ex and it starts and runs but two of my belts stop running and when this happens i cant move my steering wheel and the break light and batery light are on at the same time what could this be

Bad power steering pump.

Loose belt that runs the power steering pump. Same for alternator.

Very unusual to have 2 belts so loose they don’t turn their component(s.) Let us know what you find, please. Good luck.

Is the engine still running when you see the belts are not turning? Or is the engine stalled too?

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My truck still starts nd runs just 2 of the belts dont move.

I am hoping it is just that I am so upset I bought the truck in March and only drove it a handful of times it’s been in the shops more

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For a belt not to move when the engine is running:

  • either the belt’s tension isn’t adjusted tightly enough;
  • the belt is worn out;
  • or there’s a pulley or accessory that should be rotating freely but is instead locked in place.

The first order of business is to determine which of those three the problem is